1. Customers are expected to adhere to cleanliness and good manners in the facility and its events. Customers must leave the location within the opening hours. It is prohibited to disturb other customers. Any attempts to sell products and services in the facility are against good manners.
  2. The facility is also used as a presentation space at corporate events and possibly also for advertising productions, meaning that the facility may be temporarily closed. Customers are informed about such special events in good time. These circumstances have been taken into account in the prices. Customers are therefore not entitled to separate refunds for such events.
  3. Equipment and clothes must not be left in the facility overnight.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in any Office X facilities. It is prohibited to consume alcohol, intoxicants and substances prohibited by Finnish law in the facility. It is also prohibited to bring alcohol, intoxicants and substances prohibited by Finnish law into the facility. Children aged under 16 must not be brought to the facility without separate written permission. Office X must be informed about any changes in contact information without delay.
  5. Customers are entitled to participate in all free and fee-based customer events.
  6. Any complaints about cleanliness, services or other operations should be reported to Office X without delay.
  7. The facility has liability insurance. The insurance policies do not cover events that take place outside the location.
  8. Intentional damage to Office X property is prohibited. The customer may be required to pay damages, and their membership may be terminated permanently. In such a case, no payments will be refunded.
  9. Members agree to comply with any facility guidelines concerning the recording of visits.
  10. Cleaning or renovation at Office X may lead to exceptional opening hours. These will be announced in the facility.
  11. Office X reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the agreement, as well as the related benefits. Customers will be informed about any amendments to the terms and conditions one month before their implementation. If such amendments can be considered to have a substantially negative impact on the customer’s interests, the customer may terminate the agreement with immediate effect. If the customer has not terminated the agreement within one month of being duly notified, the customer will be deemed to have approved the changes.
  12. Welcome to Office X. Congratulations on your good choice!