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Office X Vantaa has been permanently closed

Thank you for your membership with Office X!

We are actively looking for new properties where we could implement flexible space solutions. We will announce on the website and social media if new locations become available in the Vantaa region.

The space is closed

Office X’s first office in Vantaa’s Flamingo opened in June 2021 and our second office in Espoo opened in January 2022. We have had time to build up the operation for 1.5 years. This time has taught me a lot about the change in working culture, offices, the co-working market and the need for business premises in the future. Office X was built based on the idea that work was mobile and as remote work increased, people would want to use more co-working spaces in their everyday lives. However, we have noticed that people were not quite ready for this idea yet. Companies’ need for office space has changed and they have begun to look for the most flexible solutions, but it is not yet known how many people will work in which premises in the future and the culture is only in the construction phase. Companies have gradually begun to find co-working spaces as a single office space solution. For example, Office X has had customers from more than 50 companies so far, but despite good customer satisfaction, many customers have been of a very experimental nature and membership has been decided after the most acute need for space has been met.

We have decided to go looking for new locations where companies get their own space, but also flexibility space in addition to that, and where actions can be taken to truly increase the efficiency of the property. We will close the current offices in Vantaa and Espoo and open the first office according to the new operating model in Grafila, Laukaantie 4, Jyväskylä. We are also constantly looking for suitable premises in the Espoo region. If your company is coming up with office space changes and you want to discuss flexible office space solutions, let’s get in touch!


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