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At Office X, we want to build space solutions of the future, with which the use of real estate space can be rationalized and high-quality workstations implemented for companies. We are open to new locations and are looking for opportunities to implement flexible space solutions.

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Co-working spaces offer a flexible option as a business space for a company or as a workspace for sole proprietors and remote workers. Co-working spaces are a cost-effective alternative to renting your own office space, and they have all the facilities ready. The customer does not have to think about furnishing or cleaning. The service is an easy solution for the company.

Old office properties no longer function as they did, and companies want more flexible solutions. We have noticed a great need for a model if the company has its own office and, in addition, it is possible to use shared space. A co-working operator can bring solutions to the property that help both the property owner and the end customer. Let’s make use of the existing space by implementing flexible space solutions. It is more ecological to increase the square footage of real estate and use communal spaces, than to underutilize the spaces and build new offices instead.

The purpose of co-working spaces is to minimize the underutilization of real estate and to provide companies with cost-effective and high-quality solutions. Properties can be used more efficiently and co-working spaces suitable for people’s different needs can be implemented. We can think about the need regionally, i.e. where companies need 10m² premises and where more than 50m². At Office X, we want to be implementing exactly these future office space solutions together with our customers. Let’s talk more!

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